Navigate Around the Map

Our new CityMap supports standard mouse behaviours for desktops and laptops, and “gestures” for tablets and smartphones:

Map window


Desktops and Laptops

  • Use the mouse-wheel on your desktop mouse, or the slider on your laptop mouse, to zoom in to a closer view of an area of the map, or to zoom out to a wider view
  • Click and drag the map to “pan” – move it around to a different center point
  • When you are zoomed in close enough to view individual features such as parcels, click the map to find out property details about a parcel or information about a feature.

Touch-activated Tablets and Smartphones

  • Touch the map with two fingers, and spread your fingers apart to zoom in.  Pinch your fingers together to zoom out.
  • Hold your finger down and drag the map to “pan” the map – move it around to a different center point
  • When you are zoomed in close enough to view individual features such as parcels, tap the map with your finger to find out property details about a parcel or information about a feature.

New Map look and feel

Find Addresses, Streets, and Place Names

In the text box at the top left of the CityMap window, you can type an address, or a street name, or the name of a community facility such as a school, library, arena, or other community point of interest

CityMap search

Click the "Search" magnifying glass, or just press the Enter key to begin the search.

If you're not sure of the spelling of a street name, CityMap will auto-suggest names which match the characters you type:

CityMap search auto suggest

Note: this version of CityMap only supports searching for addresses, streets, and intersections within the London, Ontario city boundary. Also, it only supports searching for community place names for which the City of London has authoritative data, so it does not find private, commercial, or residential place names other than municipal addresses. In future updates of CityMap we hope to extend our service to provide integration with external search engines such as the Google Maps API to support more comprehensive map searches.

Multi device use

Desktop, Tablet, and Phone friendly

Map Use: Find Schools, Libraries, and other Community Facilities

Type the word "schools" into the CityMap search textbox. CityMap will display all the schools within your current map view as red push-pins.

Click one of the school push-pins. CityMap will display an information balloon with name of the school.

CityMap display information

Alternately, you can zoom-in to a closer view of the school location. CityMap will label schools and other community buildings, and parks and recreation facilities at closer map scales.


Also, you can click one of the school names on the listing at the left of the map window. CityMap will zoom in on that particular school.

School list

View Aerial Photos

Click on the basemap gallery button just under the search and select Ortho Basemap to see the aerial view

Base Map Gallery

  • On a desktop or laptop, highlight the URL text and use CTRL-C to copy the content
  • On a tablet or smartphone, highlight the text and use the device-specific copy command to copy the URL text

Easy to use

Help with

Print the Current Map View

Click the “I Want To” button.

Click the “Print” option.

Enter any Notes you wish to preserve on the printed map image.

Click the “Print” button

A new browser window will open with a printable version of the map – use the print dialogue of your browser to print the map.

Where is the Menu?

Like other commercial online map offerings, this new CityMap does not provide a menu listing all the types of features available on the map. Instead, use the Search textbox to get CItyMap to display all the features like "schools" or "arenas". Or zoom in to a park location -- CityMap will display points for the recreational features available there.

Legacy CityMap Versions

For the time being we will continue to offer the older versions of CityMap which support certain special purposes such as zoning, Planning application sites, current roadworks sites, urban forest trees, and bike and walking trails. These CityMap services will eventually be updated and presented through the new CityMap.

Send Feedback – Tell us what you think

Click the “I Want To” button.

Click the “Feedback” option.

A new browser window will open with the new web site Feedback form. If you are experiencing a problem with CityMap, please provide as much detail as possible so we can reproduce the problem:

  • What device are you using (desktop PC, laptop, tablet, iPad, smartphone)
  • What browser are you using?
  • What were you searching for, or trying to do when the problem occurred?