Public CityMap

Use CityMap to find addresses, property information, and other map features

Road Work

View current and planned City of London road construction projects

Streets of Honour

The Streets of Honour program commemorates Londoners who gave their lives in service in the armed forces, London Police, and London Fire.


Use this map to report streetlight outages


View and obtain details about trees in our urban forest

Traffic Volumes

View average daily traffic volumes (1000s per day) on London streets and roads

Street Sweeping Schedule

Obtain planned dates for spring street sweeping

Bike Routes And Walking Trails

Use CityMap to plan your bicycle or walking trip

Recycling And Garbage

View your collection zone and obtain the next scheduled pickup date

Heritage sites

View the inventory of heritage buildings and designated properties

Control Monuments

View the inventory of survey control monuments


View and obtain details about the zoning by-laws which apply to a property or neighbourhood

Planning Application Sites

View the map layer of current planning applications, development sites and subdivision status

Planning District Profiles

Planning Districts are areas used to monitor demographic and community data at the neighbourhood level

Cultural Heritage

View the inventory of public art locations, plaques, and arts venues and organizations

Aerial photos

View Archived Aerial Photos from 1998 - 2023

Urban Design Guidelines

View the areas of City of London that have Urban Design Guidelines and download the Guideline documents